Server Rules

Homesteaders is for builders, farmers, ranchers, fishermen, grease monkeys, aviators, painters, photographers, musicians, spelunkers, sailors, hillbillies and all unbridled tree choppers. We run unmodded server software with some configuration tweaks (see the “Other important notes” section below).

The Rules:

No raiding, no griefing

Raiders, murderers and trolls will not have a good time.

Respect and Courtesy

The Golden Rule applies, so be nice.

PvE and Building

These are the game focus on this server. *While not strictly PvE (consensual assault is permitted), we’re here to build stuff and race cars.

Other important notes

  • Structural decay is disabled. You’re free to build without worrying about your structures decaying, and you don’t need to maintain a stocked tool cupboard.

  • Minicopters will not decay when stored indoors. Rust considers an item “indoors” when it is under a player structure (roof, floor, etc.).
  • Snowmobiles can traverse all terrain, not just snow and sand
  • Server wipes occur on a regular basis as determined by the game developer. Presently map wipes occur the first Thursday of every month. Blueprint wipes occur only when a monthly update requires it.

Homesteader Radio

We like to listen to the radio while farming potatoes and driving recklessly, and for that there’s Homesteader Radio, the streaming internet radio companion to the Homesteaders game server. Tune in and toil on. You’ll hear loads of radio shows, old-timey tunes and even some Homesteaders game-world news as you chop trees and carry on like the hermit you are. You can listen to Homesteader Radio with an in-game boombox, your web browser, or any Shoutcast-compatible stream player.

Be cool. Have fun.