About Us

Homesteader Radio is staffed by market-leading radio professionals, including some of the best on-air talent in the county.

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On Air Personalities

Jauntsey B. Pickles

Hailing proudly from Brown Willy, Cornwall, UK, Jauntsey is the prickly codger responsible for voicing many of our station identification and sponsor spots. He likes jaffa cakes and his mum’s spotted dick.

Jimothy Schmimothy

Originally hired as an intern, Jimothy came to us all the way from Nether Wallop, Hampshire, UK. After receiving low marks in market research he was confined to a recording booth for the remainder of his term with the station. It was there he recorded the station’s first on-air IDs which are still in rotation today.

Harry Pitts

Born in Satan’s Kingdom, Vermont, Harry faked his Full Sail University credentials to get a job as a DJ masseur at Homesteader Radio. By 1982 he had slept his way to the top (under his desk) and has been recording programming promos ever since.


The daughter of a Duchess and a Jauntsmith, Janine has carved a career rooted in the golden age of old-timey tunes. She was recently promoted to a host position with the station following a lengthy internship, and is the proud proprietor of Jaunt Stop where she spends most of her time out of the studio.

Support Staff

Trip Michaels
Julie McCafferty

More Support Staff