Homesteader Radio was created to complement gameplay of Rust, a survival game for PC and consoles, and was named after the multiplayer server Homesteaders. As the Capital Wasteland had GNR, Homesteaders has Homesteader Radio.

Due to a lack of game context, casual listeners to this station may be confused by some aspects of the broadcast.

The entire music library for Homesteader Radio is sourced from cylinders and 78 rpm records. These recordings were issued primarily during the early part of the 20th century and are now in the public domain. Before graduating to regular rotation, each recording is carefully edited and verified by our dedicated staff for quality, accuracy and completeness.

Song details are displayed on the Homesteader Radio player page in the following format. The order may vary depending on your stream player.

[Artist] - [Title] ([Copyright Year])

In July, 2021, Facepunch, the developer or Rust, released a collection of audio props including boomboxes, radios and cassette players, some of which are capable of streaming Homesteader Radio directly in-game. Besides the game’s list of default stations, game server administrators are able to add more choices to the list of stations available on radio devices to players server-wide. Game server administrators can add Homesteader Radio to their server by using this console command:

BoomBox.ServerUrlList "Homesteader Radio,"

Homesteader Radio features jaunty tunes and compelling radio programs from the Golden Age of Radio. If you can tolerate the video game references and in-jokes it’s a pretty good time.

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